The Albert Memorial School | U.S.Nagar | Uttarakhand | India

Recognized by (UK. Govt.) |Recognition Code: 64/2015-16

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The Albert Memorial School

The Albert Memorial School is one of the oldest and reputed institution of the city. The School was founded on 15 March 1960 by Mr. B.L. Albert and Mrs. J.J. Albert in their own residence with only seven Children. It is Located behind the Government Hospital.


Goal Of School :

"The GREATEST want of the world is the want of men. Who will not be bought or sold, men who will stand for the through the heavens fall" The future of the nation depends upon the vision and moral worth of its youth.

True education is well defined as the harmonious development of all the faculties it is the ambition of the throught full people to inspire their children with principles of truth, obedience and purity. This Educational Institution in its humble way will try to meet this demand.


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